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A look back at the SAP Travel Management Roadshow 2016

Posted by Alexander Ilg on May 9, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Together with our three partners Sapere AudeMeridian Global Services and SAP we organized a SAP Travel Management Roadshow in March 2016. 

The roadshow brought us into three German cities:  Hamburg, Munich and Walldorf.

We had a number of the largest German companies as guests and received some very good feedback.

Sapere Aude talked about their travel risk solution TCM and explained why it is important to closely monitor the travel activites of employees. Some of our guest directly confirmed that this is an issue in their companies. Tracking all business travel manuelly is simple not possible and the level of errors is too high. The TCM offers a solution for exactly this.

A similar complex topic is VAT return for invoices from business travelers. No company wants to build an organization to do this internaly. Meridian Global Services offers an outsourcing service for this. The ROI for their service can sometimes be achived already in the first year.

We from msc mobile showed our solution Travel Plus, which gives the SAP Travel Management on premise solution a new and modern user interface. It supports all functionality of PR05 and the Web DynPro solution and runs on all devices like desktop, tablet and smartphones.

The following pictures show some impressions of the three events.




We are planing to organize another roadshow like this later in 2016. Let's see which topics we will present the next time.


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