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Apps World Berlin - Impressions

Posted by Alexander Ilg on Apr 26, 2016 9:21:19 AM

In April 2016 I visited the Apps World in Berlin. It is the first time I went to this event - I think sometimes that I am stuck too much in the SAP ecosystem - UI5, Fiori and the typical SAP solutions. I wanted to see what others are doing. As they had one track about enterprise mobility, this was the right event for me.

The show floor was filled with a mix of companies that either offered something for developers (outsourcing, testing frameworks, SDKs, ...) or startups with their solutions (mainly for B2C).

Apps World Germany

British Telecom

The first session I saw was from British Telecom - they talked about there mobile enterprise solutions that they use inhouse for their service team. BT is not using any off the shelf solutions or platform, but they rather developed everything from scratch. Interesting way to do things, I did not see that with any of our SAP customers so far. 
As I developer I would like that challange, however I have been working on mobile frameworks (I was involved in the development of NetWeaver Mobile back in my days at SAP). I know the amount of person days you need to invest. While I think the custom development of mobile apps is the way to go for some scenarios, I would always base these apps on a standard platform like SMP or MobiLink.
BT has a Windows Phone strategy and they develop all their apps with HTML5.

David Shing

David is from AOL and he is a "Digital Prophet". It is hard to summarize his talk, but it was fantastic. 


I can only recommend you to watch for your self:




I guess everybody knows Shazam - they are installed on 600 million mobile devices and you can tag music with it. At Apps World they talked about how they improve their solution and how they do big marketing campains with companies like Coca Cola. 


It was an interesting event and on top of that Berlin is always worth traveling to. Will I go again next year? I doubt it - but for sure I will try to visit more events like this in the future.


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