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The Apple Watch as Business Tool?

Posted by Alexander Ilg on Apr 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

I have an Apple Watch since the first day and I do not want to miss it. There are two primary functions that I use it for - as a fitness tracker and an alarm clock. Could I live without one? Of course! It is convenient, but it is not as revolutionary as the iPhone was. But does it make sense to consider the Apple Watch for B2E scenarios?

I was thinking hard to find a killer B2E (business to employee) use case for the business world, but I can't. We could push messages and notifications to the Apple Watch, sure. But we are distracted already too much by our ringing and vibrating phone in our business and private life. In that regard the watch is just another channel - an extension - to the iPhone. And as the watch cannot work standalone, you need to keep your phone with you all the time anyway.

The Apple Watch - a toy or read for big business?


Are there messages important enough to be pushed to your watch? A travel request for sure not. Maybe a message to a doctor in a hospital, or an alarm for a fire fighter or a police man. The breakdown of a construction line? The iPhone can handle all of that.

SAP has a list of 12 use cases on their website ( - they have been published 1 year ago and not much has happened so far. This shows me that there is not much substance to any of this, except the Health Care scenario. Transferring health data in real time to your doctor or hospital for analyses is powerful way to detect issues early. But now we are talking about a B2C solution.

B2C - this is where I see use cases for the Apple Watch or other Smartwatches. Sending health data from a patient to his doctor even if he is in Thailand on vacation. Notifying a 13-year-old girl that her Justin Bieber shirt has just shipped or letting me know that I got the tickets for the FC Bayern game I so desperately need.

I hope SAP or someone else will come up with a killer app for smartwatches. For now, I think they are nice as a little toys (and don’t get me wrong, I love toys like this), but not ready for real B2E use.


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