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The history of SAP Travel Management

Posted by Alexander Ilg on Apr 5, 2016 9:49:02 AM

Travel Management is around in the SAP ERP system since the late 1980s. This blog shows a brief history of the user interface of the travel management in the last 35 years.

SAP GUI/PR05/TRIPS (since 1989)

This is how it all started - pr05 and trips, the transactions for Travel Management in SAP GUI.


 Web DynPro (since 2003)

To integrate the Travel Management into the ESS scenario of the Enterprise Portal, SAP created a new user interface based on Web DynPro.

 SAP Travel Management as Web DynPro

SAP Fiori (since 2013)

To make the SAP Travel Management work not only on Internet Explorer, but also on modern browsers and mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Android, SAP created Fiori/SAP UI5 based interfaces for the Travel Management. 

SAP Fiori Travel Management

Thanks to Concur, travel management is again an important part of SAP's strategy. But not only in the cloud, also on premise is anything else but dead - it will be around for a long time and it is part of the next version of SAP, S/4HANA.


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